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Kamok : Elephant of the Week at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : Too Cute

Name: Kamok

Date of Birth: 7 September 2013

Gender: Female

Where:  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery   Nairobi Kenya Africa

Kamok: Too Cute For Photos see them at:

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Found alone and wavering, she was rescued at one day old on 8 September 2013, a Sunday. The DSWT rescuers discovered that the baby had to have been abandoned by her family, mom included, because of her unsteadiness on her feet. This is not uncommon in the wild as herds are known not to compromise the safety of their families when facing such a situation.

On the flight from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia Kamok was “placed on a drip” to “boost her strength.” Upon arrival to her new home at the nursery she was immediately administered plasma through a transfusion “from a grown healthy elephant into her tiny body.” This procedure was done because all signs indicated that “the calf had never received her mother’s colostrums” (natural antibodies). “Petal pink ears,” fresh & clean foot pads, and a “soft umbilical cord” were indicative of the calf’s need for this procedure.

baby elephant

baby elephant

Kamok was happy to take her bottle post-op and unabashedly placed her trust in her “Keepers.” As all baby elephants do, she loved the little blanket she was given, taking great comfort in it. As she has grown, her unsteadiness has diminished and she now takes long walks chasing, happily, after her “Keepers.”

For information on how to Adopt Kamok see:

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

source: public domain drawing of baby elephant


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