Elephant of the Week or Elephants to Adopt / Foster / Sponsor

Maggie : Elephant of the Week at PAWS – Performing Animal Welfare Society : Loxodonta Africana

Name: Maggie

Date of Birth: 1980

Place of Birth: Zimbabwe, Africa

Gender: Female

Where Now:  PAWS Sanctuary


Maggie at home: PAWS Sanctuary

African Elephant  Loxodonta Africana

For more Photos and also Videos of Maggie you will love see them at: PAWS Sanctuary

It was 1981 when Maggie was taken in a culling; her mother left dead on the savanna.  Two years later the baby elephant was shipped to the Alaska Zoo where she was paired with an Asian elephant named Annabelle. Together they weathered Alaska until Annabelle’s untimely death in December 1997.

Maggie, now alone, and “the only elephant in Alaska” soon became the subject of “an impassioned outcry” to relocate the pachyderm to a more temperate climate. Maggie deserved to live in a more suitable elephant climate.

With the Board of the Alaska Zoo voting in her favor, and a VIP (or should we say VIE, Very Important Elephant) plane ticket from none other than the famed animal activist Bob Barker waiting for her on the tarmac, she was good to go. The USAF (United States Air Force) had precious cargo that day she was crated and loaded and flown to her new California home.

She has proved to be quite the charmer to both her human and elephant companions. As she bats her elephant eyelashes and “prances” around it doesn’t shame her to occupy the most sought after “spots at the mud holes” or to indulge in all of the “best treats.”

With fellow elephants Lulu and Mara by her side she has been spoiled and indulged endlessly. It is like she is a babe all over again, starting over and for all accounts, she truly is.

For information on how to Adopt Maggie see: PAWS Sanctuary

For a unique story on Annabelle’s burial site see :

Annabelle the Elephant Immortalized in Stone But Did They Etch the Wrong Year?


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