Follow Me I'm a Celebrity or Notable People With Elephants For a Cause

Leonardo DiCaprio on Instagram “I Choose Elephants Over Ivory”

Leonardo DiCaprio may be known in Hollywood for his film roles in Titanic (as Jack Dawson) and in The Aviator (as Howard Hughes). But after the establishment of his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) in 1998 he has become a compassionate environmentalist as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio Environmentalist

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo cares about elephants. An instagram post of his for the

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s “I Choose Elephants Over Ivory Campaign” has garnered over 50k “likes” so far.

Leonardo writes: “Elephants are being poached at an alarming rate due to demand for their ivory. We choose elephants over ivory. Help us, help them by telling the world where you stand. #ivory #IvoryCrush #elephant #conservation #trafficking”

Stop Poaching Now. Ivory Belongs to Elephants & Elephants Only

Stop Poaching Now. Ivory Belongs to Elephants & Elephants Only

One of his followers comments is particularly worth noting: “Thank you for your beyond kind donation to keep these incredible beings safe from poaching!! You’re a beautiful soul ♡”

Thank you, Leonardo DiCaprio, you are a “beautiful soul.” 

Our elephants thank you, too.

For more on the latest #IvoryCrush Event see: The 2nd U.S. #IvoryCrush in Times Square Takes NYC By Storm

photograph: public domain Leonardo DiCaprio
photograph: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service  “I Choose Elephants Over Ivory” Campaign


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