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With $100K Donation Miranda Kerr Helps Elephants Injured From Land Mines to Walk Again

The proverb “beauty is only skin deep” may have first been discovered in the works of Sir Thomas Overbury in 1613. But more recently it has been displayed through the works of a supermodel from Australia. While known for her beauty; her adorable son, Flynn; and her ex-husband Orlando Bloom; (though some may talk of her vainglorious ways) Miranda Kerr has now come to light as a compassionate benefactor to elephants.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Photo by Laurent Jean Philippe

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Photo by Laurent Jean Philippe

Last year, The Daily Mail reports,Kerr decided to help change the lives of elephants. So she wrote out a check.

Recently the fruits of Kerr’s $100,000.00 donation to the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) have shown themselves in the form of prosthetic moulds that hospital workers were “carefully and snugly fitting” to their patient’s legs. Elephant patients, that is.

While just a first step toward full independence for the elephants, it is part of the process to form new limbs for Motala and Mosha, two grateful Asian elephants. (They have been suffering from “horrendous injuries after stepping on land mines” in their native country of Thailand.)

Thai elephant photo by Vincent_AF

Thai elephant eye B&W photo by Vincent_AF

They stood patiently for the staff of the “world’s first elephant hospital” in the Mae Yao National Reserve in Lampang, Thailand. The stumps of their elephant legs were meticulously wrapped. Then enduring the process of each fitting, they tried the “prosthetic socket mould” on for size. (For their ultimate comfort the measurements had to be exact, creating a snug fit for walkability).

Once sized, the moulds were sent directly to an American company, Animal Orthocare in Virginia to be fashioned into prosthetic elephant legs. (The prosthetics are still in the process of being crafted by AO).

As Soraida Salwala (“founder and secretary general of the Friends of the Asian Elephant”) knows all too well, what a difference this animal-loving celebrity’s generous donation can make. Even as the Australian donated the money quietly a year ago her philanthropy has not gone unnoticed. Soon, when Motala and Mosha have received their new prosthetics, these two will have the ability to walk again. Like elephants should.


Thai elephant B&W photo by Vincent_AF

Miranda Kerr, you couldn’t have chosen a more deserving species than an elephant.

For photos of benefactor Miranda and her elephant recipients see The Daily Mail online

Photo credits: Supermodel Creative Commons Flickr by Laurent Jean Phillipe,  CC Flickr Featured Miranda , CC Flickr Thai elephant eye B&W and Thai elephant B&W by Vincent_AF


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